Videos of my stand-up? No, none of that I'm afraid, cos things change don't they? (BUT I have a short set up on BBC iPlayer from 24th August 2017 as part of the Asian Network Comedy Night, so check that out).

For now though, take a look at these well produced things that I've had the good fortune (aka talent + cunning) to be involved in.

(I'm also in "Bobby and Harriet Get Married" on Viceland , but can't get hold of clips to put here, so check it out if you can, it's very funny. And Borderline Series 2 is hopefully out later in 2017.)

borderline - channel 5

This is a very funny sitcom about immigration officials at a provincial airport. I'm not just saying it's funny because I'm in it, but because the process of making it was a lot of fun. It's improvised by the cast and the story is written by Chris Gau and Mike Orton-Toliver. I have seen the first episode at a special screening with canapés and free lager and I excel in it. It's out in August 2016, just in time for me to not watch it because it clashes with my first solo Edinburgh show.

UPDATE! Dec 2016: Feedback from friends goes along the lines of "How was that thing you were in on telly? What was it like?" But I still cannot work out how to watch it online. Perhaps this will be my lost masterpiece?



This one was written by Tez Ilyas, a great comic and general all-around top lad. I play a man called Sunil who doesn't know what Ramadan is. The beard I have is all natural and I keep it in good condition with avocado oil and 3 bikini clad women with small combs.



To prove beyond doubt that I am capable of working with animals, here is a very short ad for nasal spray. I took that Big Pharma money and for about 2 days I lived life like I'd just got out of prison (i.e. rampaging through surburbia on a cocktail of Perrier-Jouet and Benzedrine) and I am not ashamed of it. Some of my actions in those two days will have me hauled in front of a Magistrate at some point, but I feel it is better to regret the things you don't do, rather than the things you do - as a defence I realise that won't wash but I think it's worth a shot.



An animated short by James O'Brien and Thomas Siddle. I voice a sad elephant, despite arguing with the writers before and throughout the recording session that I would be better suited to voicing the Australian female giraffe. In the end, Roxy Dunn landed the plum role of the giraffe, which is a gaffe I don't think this production will recover from. There will be more in this series soon, and I'm sure future recording sessions will be a tense affair, but it's nothing I can't handle.

UPDATE: The second in the series was recorded on 20th November, and as expected, the recording session was a farce. Despite the new script being about three times longer, for some reason I have very few lines this time around. Of course I nailed them in one take, like Jay-Z does, and Roxy Dunn fluffed and fumbled and flailed around until no one could look her in the eye anymore. It won't be available for public consumption for some time yet as it is being submitted for various short film prizes, but I will give my verdict on the final edit ASAP.


A short film by Nick Flugge. I play a postman opposite my real life housemate and fellow comedian Ed Caruana, who manages to act wetter than he comes across in real life. I like to call him Ed CaruWEENER, but sadly this no longer upsets him. He is currently on a little holiday to China, and I am absolutely rinsing his extra virgin olive oil while he is away - not even for a salad, just for frying eggs.